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The festival is intended to bring back “engaging” activities and the touristic atmosphere of the island. The project commenced yesterday and extends to the end of the month. The festival will consist of fireworks, live music, performances, water sports, and art installations. Food trucks will make an appearance at Patong, Phuket’s most well known beach.


‘The Colourful Phuket Bring Back the Happiness’ Festival will then run to the following schedule, at different locations around the island:

  1. Week 1 (3-9 July): Colourful art installations and recycled art displays at Patong Beach and the Old Town District along with local food trucks and mini-concerts

  2. Week 2 (10-16 July): Surf and sea sports activities with colourful photogenic displays and great beach vibes at Kata Beach, and sunset yoga at Promthep Cape

  3. Week 3 (17-23 July): Digital art installations and street music at Patong Beach

  4. Week 4 (24-31 July): Projection mapping art and street music at the Old Town District 

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