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Ambassador's Trip


Ms. Nantida Atiset, Vice President of Foreign Affairs Phuket Tourism Business Association revealed that the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Thailand and the epidemic has been effectively controlled. This makes people in the country more confident and starts traveling in the country.


Even though the situation is much better BUT overall Phuket tourism is still in a critical stage. Because the tourism industry of Phuket is mainly depending on foreign tourists. And if the epidemic situation of the main customer country is still out of control. It will make a heavy impact on tourism and Phuket's economy as well.

To rebuild confidence in the expatriates who work and live in Thailand. On the availability and prevention of COVID-19 Of Phuket By inviting ambassadors and spouses of top 10 tourist entering to Phuket in 2019 And countries with consulate-general Or foreign honorary consulates in Phuket, a total of 28 countries to come to Phuket for an excursion and activities Between 14-16 Nov 2020 to build confidence in Phuket's tourism management towards foreigners and the country. Starting from Phuket International airport Both for domestic and international flights.and all famous Phuket's natural attractions such as Patong Beach, Old Town, Thalang Road, Including turtle release activities at Nai Yang Beach, etc.

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