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Phuket Governor spearheads new domestic tourism campaign

Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew announced the launch of a new campaign that hopes to bring tourists to visit Phuket to help draw domestic tourists to the island. Themed “Have You Ever".

The campaign brings together local Phuket tourism businesses and government agencies working together to help restart the island’s economy. The Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization was announced at a meeting at Phuket Provincial Hall on Feb 8th, 2021 as now taking a proactive role in helping to launch a slew of domestic tourism campaigns to help restart Phuket’s ailing tourism industry.

Governor Narong noted, “In these times of misfortune, we in Phuket have good fortune in two things that are gifts” – namely location, and the spirit of the people living on the island.

“Since late last year, a new trend has become popular, the ‘Challenge’, which challenges people to do things to test their capabilities. These ‘subculture’ aspects and other little things have evolved to become pop culture today and play a part in the world’s travel trends. We will work this way, and with the campaign Have You Ever #ถึงภูเก็ตหรือยัง [arrived in Phuket yet?]’ we are on the right track,” she added.

Phuket Tourist Association President Mr. Bhummikitti noted, “We will be making videos comprising 11 content stories of hidden attractions in Phuket and posting them on several social media platforms so that other people can see and want to visit Phuket as well. “I assume that almost half of the Thai people have been to Phuket already and more than half have seen Phuket through various media, but if the place in the video can raise more questions for you, then you haven’t been to Phuket yet,” he said

The 11 content stories to be created are Klong Hin Luk Diow, tunnels of trees, Koh Pling, Banana Beach, Kamala Hills, the hidden rock pools in Kamala, Seaside Street Food Markets, Pa Hin Dam Kalim, Laem Krating, Bamboo Forest, and Koh Bon, he added.

Mr. Bhummikitti concluded, “The Phuket Provincial Governor insists that Phuket Province is now ready to welcome tourists from all regions to come and visit Phuket. We are ready to open up for everyone to experience something they may not have experienced before with the natural beauty revived again.”


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