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The latest update, Songkran holiday April 2021, this year the government is kind, plus a special holiday for According to the Cabinet's approval on December 29, 2020, there will be additional public holidays for a total of 4 days, one of which is April 12, 2021, as a Songkran holiday


According to the April 2021 calendar, Songkran Festival is a mid-week holiday for 3 days, namely Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 13- 14- 15 Apr '64 when adding one more day to Monday, April 12, it means that Government officials State enterprise employees have been stopped for 6 consecutive days, starting from 10-15 April 2021.

Latest on March 17, 2021, Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan, Assistant Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Situation Management Center, explained the conclusion of the issue. Such that For organizing activities on Thai New Year  "Songkran" the year 2021, the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, And the Ministry of Culture jointly proposed measures in this year, activities will be organized under the slogan "Songkran, spray, sprinkle, No splashing and wear a face mask " so that the Thai New Year celebrations can continue at the same time. With epidemic control measures

      The main "Prohibitions" in organizing activities in the "Songkran 2021" are as follows.

  1. Refrain from organizing activities that involve a large number of people, for example, refrain from organizing activities, splashing water, concerts.

  2. Refrain from organizing activities that are in close contacts, such as abstain from flaking, refraining from playing foam parties.

  3. For "traveling across provinces" to travel Or go home to meet relatives in the domicile, Dr. Apisamai said that he can travel to all areas. Just ask to adhere to the following guidelines

  4. Wear a mask - Wash hands often –keep Distancing - Scan Application Mor Chana

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