Questions & Answers

How many branches do you have?

We are now run the rental management only in Phuket, Thailand for 2 branches so far, the 1st branch is in Naiyang : The Title Residencies Naiyang by Trips Phuket and the 2nd branch is in Rawai : The Title West Wing Rawai by Trips Phuket.

How many service do you offer?

We do provide many services in each property like in hotel hospitality such as, room cleaning service, laundry service, taxi service, car rental, shuttle bus service, long-term storage service, and more.

How can I contact Trips Phuket?

You can contact us 24/7
Reservation Center
Naiyang Branch -
Rawai Branch -
Call : (+66)95 257 4254 or (+66)76 604 496
Social Media
Instagram : thetitlebytripsphuket
Facebook : The Title By Trips Phuket
VK : Trips Phuket Naiyang & Rawai

What if I would like you to manage my room to rent out, what should we do and how much would we get?

We are now manage the room rental only in The Title Residencies Naiyang and The Title West Wing Rawai, so if you have room(s) in those properties you can contact at the reception about the contract, the benefit you would get or other information.

How can I make a reservation?

There are 4 ways to make a reservation.
1. Make a phoe call or email directly to our reservation team
2. Online Travel Agents: Booking, Expedia, Traveloka, Agoda, Hotels and more!
3. Contact us through our social media:
Instagram : @thetitlebytripsphuket
Facebook : The Title By Trips Phuket
VK : Trips Phuket Naiyang & Rawai 4. Talk to our reception at the lobby

Why should I choose Trips Phuket as the accomodations provider?

Like no others!! We consider carefully for each property in every detail before being a part of us: Best location with natural landscape, Stylish interior decoration and furnishing, equipped with high standard of security, sufficient common facilities and well-trained staffs. So we could offer the best one in town and guarantee your happiest stays with us. Come and see by yourself, you’re always welcome.

If I stay for a long term, can I get a special price?

Normally, we do offer for both daily and monthly rate to our customers depends on how long they are going to stay in the residence. So, the customers would get a good recommendation and reasonable rate. Please contact our staff for a good deal!